Superhero and superheroes theme has been around for many, many years. For a long van  time they’ve been something to be perused in private, a solitary activity. But no more.

The first superhero came around in the 1930s. Yet, we only see them make it into the mainstream less than two decades ago. Could it be because the cinematographic industry finally reached that crucial point in its development? Or could it simply be because we are finally shedding some of the prejudices that burden us?  This could make for an interesting topic, but we’re not here to discuss, only to celebrate.

The merger of two passions

Geeks of the world, unite! I love the fact that the rise of comic books (and technology) expunged the negativity and condescension that used to go with words like “geek” or “nerd”. Now that we can wave our geek flags proudly, a lot of people take full advantage of this.

And what is a bigger statement to your passion than to imprint it on your person? This is where our other passion and the mastery of the artists come in. And it could mean so much more than just “I read comics”. With ink of the kind I’m talking about you can pledge allegiance to a publisher or a brand. Or you can state your love and recognition for a certain character and what he or she stands for. You can even demonstrate your disagreement with how the world works. Just like a bunch of awesome ladies did with their “Non-compliant” tattoos, inspired the graphic novels Bitch Planet. Hey, those ladies are fracking superheroes and don’t even try and say otherwise!

A collage of non-compliant superhero tattoos
Non-compliant. The Mary Sue.

Superhero tattoos!

That is what I’m talking about. We had a tiny Easter egg in our recent post about Puzzle Tattoos where you might have noticed a furtive little foot piece baring the most recognisable superhero symbol ever:

superman tattoo

I came across a lot of these out there. And no wonder – every one of us has a Superman or a Supergirl hidden somewhere within that we strive to unleash. Or maybe not. It might be Batman’s brooding persona and need for justice that you need to channel. Or it might not be DC at all – in all fairness, Marvel has been doing so much better on the movie franchise front, despite DC being the pioneer on paper. That a different topic, though.

As mentioned before, the popularity of superhero tattoos did increase with the advancement of the movies in the beginning of the century. Yes, TV shows and movies like Batman and Dr. Strange have been around since the 60s, but it wasn’t until the X-Men franchise took off that people not in the know paid any attention. Again, it is the entering of superheroes into the mainstream we are celebrating here.

“There are other worlds than these”

As the most notable – and currently tag – line in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series states, there are other worlds out there, especially when we’re talking about comic books. Which one will you choose? And by the by, how excited are you about The Dark Tower movie coming out!

Here are some examples of exquisite pieces of art inspired by or taken straight out of a comic book. We’d love to see your superhero ink if you have it, so please share!

Wolverine Shoulder tattoo
X-Men’s Wolverine. Pinterest @Leigh Hartley
A Superman Sleeve tattoo
A Superman Sleeve. Pinterest @I-Tattoo
Watchmen's Rorschach tattoo
Watchmen’s Rorschach. Tattoo by Jordan Croke
An amazing superhero leg sleeve tattoo
An amazing superhero leg sleeve. Pinterest @Iza-K
Lego Captain America tattoo
Lego Captain America from Abstruse Tattoo
cute i am groot tattoo
We just love this little Groot by Angus Wall
A Classic Harley Queen Pose tattoo
A Classic Harley Queen Pose. Pinterest @Eva-Gyurko
joker tattoo on shoulder
Baddies make for great art
A Stylish Supergirl Profile tattoo
A Stylish Supergirl Profile
Poison Ivy Calf Tattoo
Poison Ivy is One Sexy (Leg) Piece
Catwoman, full colour backpiece tattoo
That’s One Hell of a Backpiece. Odd Stuff.

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