Intricate Beauty – Sternum Tattoos

If you’re searching for intricate placements, this is it. Sternum tattoos are as hot as hell. They are discreet, shown only to those, who deserve to see them.

Sternum designs can include everything, from flowers and animals to geometric forms and ornaments. They have the shape of a triangle, to better accent on the line of the breasts. Because they are female only tattoos, sternum tattoos are generally super delicate.

Types of sternum tattoos


Actually, most of the sternum tattoos can be described as ornamental, because of their purpose, to serve as decoration. Ornamental designs can include jewels, lace stripes or flowers elements.


Chandelier underboob tattoos are rich, sometimes include color and stretch towards the stomach. They are appropriate for girls, who want a bigger tattoo.


Animals are also present in underboob tats. You can see snakes, bats, butterflies and more as favoured subjects in these designs.


Of course, flowers suit everyone and every placement. We love flower tattoos. They appear very delicate and gentle. If the tattoo is placed at the side and not in the center, you will get a beautiful asymmetrical effect.


Geometric tattoos under the breasts look quite unusual. This spot has curved and soft forms, and geometric designs are in contrast with the body shape. Triangles, multiple lines, and patterns are a good choice.


Mandala sternum tattoos often display only part of the mandala. If you like dotwork and rich detail than mandala design is a good option. Mandala designs can look good solely or connected with other tattoos on the torso.

Are sternum tattoos painful?

They can be very painful but everybody is different. Surely you will experience pain, but  not all people feel it in an extreme way. This placement is one of the most delicate, so be prepare yourself. The skin is very soft there, it is close to the stomach, so you might feel the vibrations of the needle. The areas close to your ribs will cause you the most pain. Usually, the ribs are one of the most painful spots for tattoos.

You should know before getting one there, you won’t be able to wear a bra for a couple of days and should choose soft and baggy clothes.