Hidden Meanings of Tattoos – Secrets In Ink

You might get surprised how many of the currently trending tattoos hide deep and interesting secrets. Behind the beautiful colors and lines there lay many hidden meanings.

The hidden meanings of the clover tattoo

The clover leaf, also called shamrock, has had a deep religious meaning for ages. The three leaf clover is a symbol of the three virtues – love, faith and hope. Ireland greatly respects the clover as the symbol of St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity.

The four leaf clover is a lucky sign but also means love, health, wealth, and respect.

The unsuspected messages of rose tattoos

The rose is a worldwide symbol with a complex meaning. No wonder it’s one of the most popular tattoo designs. The rose, especially the red one, is basically a sign for love, passion and devotion. It’s also the flower of Aphrodite. Its most common translation is immortal love. Last but not least, in Roman mythology the rose is a keeper of secrets.

The beautiful meaning of mountains

The mountain as a symbol carries a strong meaning. It shows our higher goals, and helps one keep their inner calmness and balance. The mountain can also be associated with the ascension of the soul and overcoming of one’s problems.

Moreover mountains are part of many religious and mythological beliefs as they are supposedly where homes of the Gods are.

Semicolon tattoos are always powerful and personal

The semicolon tattoos has been gaining a wide popularity since 2013. This happened thanks to the Semicolon Tattoo Project – an organization supporting people with mental illnesses.

However this project is not only spreading an interesting tattoo design across the globe, but trying to drag our attention to people suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts. “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.” We couldn’t have put it better.

Variations of bird tattoos

If you chose a bird tattoo, whether it’s a hawk, an eagle or a crow, their hidden meanings will speak of freedom, strength, elegance and knowledge. The dove tattoo symbolizes peace and love. A hummingbird tattoo is a sign of beauty and energy.

The sacred Om sign

The Om sign symbolizes the trinity and stands for perfection. It has a complex meaning related to meditation and self-growth practices from the Eastern religions. It’s a symbol of the Universe, creation and totality.

So, choose carefully your secret sign. Tattoos can really give you the chance to keep your beliefs close forever and share them with the world.