The White Elephant Studio has its location in Hackney London with five very talented artists involved in the project. They constantly break the boundaries of tattoo art.

White Elephant Tattoo Studio

The White Elephant Studio’s mission is to build bridges between art practices and tattoo art. The tattoo shop follows its path towards bringing the art closer to the public involved with tattoos and the opposite at the same time. Art and tattooing are one and the same thing for them, a way of understanding the world, interpreting ideas of contemporary life and passing messages to the people.

Either through tattoo art, painting or graphics, the uniqueness in art must be transferred to people. Nowadays, when nothing seems to have a strict constitution, with even more blurred boundaries in art, the White Elephant Studio brings us the possibility to experience all different art practices simultaneously.

pink artist tattoo2

About the Artists

Let us present you the five artists working in the studio, devoting their lives to art and tattoos.


Morg is a painter and a tattoo artist at the same time. Her work, either on paper, canvas or skin is colorful, a little dark and absolutely memorable. Her style in tattooing can is close to traditional with great provisionality. The visual manner is “old school”, but her fatalistic surreal subjects are not.

White Elephant Tattoo Studio

morg artist tattoo1

Leon Lam

Leon Lam is an artist working in Hong Kong, but still part of the studio. His tattoos are extremely expressional, bold and graphic. He’s near to abstraction, creating flawless, nearly unreal visual effects with the ink.

leon lam tattoo5

leon lam tattoo3

leon lam tattoo

Marco Galdo

An Italian artist, currently tattooing in Milan, Marco Galdo has been developing his mind-blowing dotwork style for more than 15 years. Until now he has created numerous amazing, super detailed, bicolored or single colored patterns. He usually works in large scale including geometry and symbol elements in his designs.

marco galdo tattoo5

marco galdo tattoo2

marco galdo tattoo


P’ink is an artist with many faces. His major works are mostly completed in a style close to Trash style, but including many personal motives.

pink artist tattoo

pink artist the white elephant tattoo (3)

pink artist the white elephant tattoo (4)

Otto D’ambra

Otto D’ambra – the big name in the studio. He is an artist with multiple interests, from painting to printing, etching, and tattoos. Otto’s tattoos are surreal and mind twisting. They are like an opened book of art history, so many elements from different genres and ages can be found in them.

otto dambra tattoo (5)

otto dambra tattoo (4)

otto dambra tattoo (3)

otto dambra tattoo (2)

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