Insect Tattoos and Their Meanings

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Insects and insect tattoos can create the feeling of disgust, but for some tattoo fans, insects are the perfect theme. In fact, insects can make for awesome tattoo designs, which will fascinate you with amazing detail or adjusted colors.

They are beautiful creatures, and they deserve our appreciation, as they are an integral part of the environmental system. Insects have great importance for the ecological balance on the Earth. They help for the formation of the top layers of the soil, pollinate blossoms and serve as plant pest controllers. They are also a crucial element in the food chain, being food for reptiles and other animals. So today we are going to show them some respect…

Insect tattoo
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Different insect tattoos

In tattoo art, insects are transformed into artistic illustrations. If you’re an insect lover, the designs you’re about to see will surely impress you. We selected a variety of attractive tattoo designs to illustrate how beautiful insects can appear. We start from blackwork detailed tattoos to neo-traditional bright colored pieces or smooth dotwork designs. Let’s explore some of the trending insect tattoos.

Beetle Insect tattoo
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Moth tattoos

Moths are an inspiration for those who seek positive interpretations and have faith in their abilities. Moths are associated with faith and intuition, because of their constant seeking of light. In insect tattoos most often we find the Death’s-head Hawkmoth, which is a species whose thorax looks like a skull. It is one of biggest insects, and it produces a loud squeaking sound when it’s disturbed. Perhaps this is the reason why people associate it with evilness and supernatural powers.

moth tattoo

Grasshopper tattoos

Grasshopper tattoos have the most positive symbolism. Grasshoppers are a symbol of high sensibility and intuition. They also symbolize good luck in your home. A grasshopper tattoo can serve as a reminder to stay grounded and creative.

GrassHopper Tattoo
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Scarab tattoos

The image of the scarab is meaningful since ancient times. The scarab was sacred animal and amulet in Egypt religion. It was and still is a generator of positive energy and symbol of life and rebirth. The scarab is an artistic motive used in Egyptian art and jewelry.

Scarab Tattoo
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Dragonfly tattoos

Dragonfly tattoos are favorite of women, and they always look gentle and fragile, even when tattooed. Dragonflies are creatures of both water and air and speak of peace and harmony. In a symbolistic sense, dragonflies are your connection with higher consciousness.

Dragonfly Tattoo
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Spider tattoos

Spiders are controversial creatures with polar characteristics. For some spiders symbolize death and danger, while for others they can be a sign of protection, wisdom, and ingenuity. The image of the spider is widely seen in tattoos, and it can have hundreds of meanings. Whether it means luck, patience or it is a weaver of faith for you, the spider is an excellent idea for an insect tattoo.

Spider tattoo
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Moth Tattoo
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Insect Tattoo
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