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timeless tattoo

Contemporary tattoo art is an endless source of inspiration, images and themes. However, there are some timeless tattoos, which will never be forgotten and also be popular.

You have probably gone through thousands of designs and unique artists. Some things never change though and there are designs which are always up to date.

Timeless rose Tattoos
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Let’s see some timeless tattoos

We have to start with roses. Preferred by both men and women, they reveal their beauty in numerous different styles. Of course, the most traditional one remains the Americana tattoo with heavy outlines and bold red colour. If you want to be creative, check out roses done in neo traditional or watercolor style. They are all amazing.

Rose Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/1970393570227463/
Timeless Rose Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/2744449766545082/

Tigers and eagles

Tigers and eagles, as well as snake tattoos lay are the very foundation of the Western ink culture. These designs are rooted into tattooing traditions ever since sailors and traders started inking their arms in the shops of the famous NYC Bowery Street. Tigers and eagles will always symbolize strength, power and masculinity even though nowadays many girls also turn to these kinds of designs. The perfect style is no other than Americana. We suggest you stick to it.

Eagle Tattoo
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Eagle Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/373939575308676179/

Knuckle “Love” tattoos

For quite a long time knuckle tattoos were associated with tough men. Those who spend their nights fighting in pubs or just sweaty rockers with leather jackets.  Today things have changed and hot tattooed chicks and famous models also get their knuckles with words like “Love” or “Strength”. The lettering remains in cursive, the ink is still black, its only the popularity of this spot that has grown bigger.

Love Tattoo
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Dragon tattoo designs

Dragon tattoos originate from traditional Japanese tattooing. Today mostly American artists manage to translate this ancient symbol of wisdom and power into the hottest tattooing trends. They mix styles and inks, but the dragon tattoo is still one the most preferred designs all around the globe.

Dragon Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/757308493565967185/
Dragon Tattoo
Image source and credit: https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/40180621663471294/

Celtic symbols

Celtic Symbols like the Celtic knot or the spiral are “on the list” of every tattoo shop. You can see Celtic knots shaped in circles, tattooed as arm or leg bands, put on the shoulder on the chest. Don’t forget Celtic crosses as well. Today they are sometimes done in hyper-realistic or even 3D style.

Celtic tattoos
Image source and credit: https://alexie.co/tattoos/celtic-tattoos-meanings/
Celtic tattoo
Image source and credit: https://alexie.co/tattoos/celtic-tattoos-meanings/


If you just ask an artist about the most commonly tattooed design chances that he’ll say “A skull” are damn high. From realistic to decorative skulls with ribbons, horror designs with bloody skulls or the so-called sugar skulls, this design rules them all.

It’s an everlasting tattoo theme. You can get this one in many variations.

Skull tattoo
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Skull tattoos
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Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos will always be a huge thing. You have many options to choose from, Polynesian, African, Maori, even Indian tribal tattoos are now next level. There are many black work artists, who specialize in tribal tattoos.

We hope we inspired you to get at least one of the timeless tattoos. If you’re reading this we are pretty sure you already have one of these designs though.

Tribal tattoo
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Timeless tattoos
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Sleeve Tribal Tattoo
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