It’s not unusual for certified personal trainers to become fitness models; after all they have bodies worth showing off! Yet Yasmin Heart is also a sociology researcher, personal trainer, and also models part time. So not your ordinary tattooed fitness beauty.

Yasmin bravely made a big move to Las Vegas, United States from Lima, Peru 15 years ago. Moving to another city or state is difficult enough, now imagine moving to a different country and having to learn a different language. And on top of that, having no one to rely on but yourself!

Yasmin Heart Tattooed Beauty 3
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Yasmin Heart – A Lady of Strength

She became a fitness and bikini model to earn more money and provide for her three daughters, who she raises on her own! Because Yasmin has always loved the camera, modeling was a natural career path to follow, even part-time.

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When we spoke with Yasmin Heart, she shared her feelings about what people may think of the modeling industry and adds “it’s not as easy as it may appear”. During the winter months is when you model for a designer’s summer collection, which means you are wearing a bikini outdoors when it’s cold out, and vice-versa. So the life of a tattooed fitness beauty is not as much fun in the sun as you may think!

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The three flowers placed on her hip represent her three beautiful daughters, ages 15, 13 and 10. She says becoming a mother has been her biggest journey so far! Raising them on her own in an country where she has no family isn’t easy, but seeing them grow and being able to provide them a quality life is priceless, she says.

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She finished her sleeve piece in 2016, and the beautiful Phoenix on her back is a work in progress! See more of the exquisite Yasmin Heart below, if this lady doesn’t inspire you to get in the gym, nothing will!

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Yasmin Heart brains and beauty
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Yasmin Heart Tattooed Beauty
Victor Broden Photography

Yasmin Heart Abs selfie

Yasmin Heart Inked Model 1
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