Tattoo Artist of the Year host, Jay Hutton, is an incredibly talented portrait artist, tattooist, shop owner, turned reality tv host. At only 18 he got his first tattoo. A week later, he returned to that same studio to show his own art portfolio. The shop owner hired Jay on the spot as an apprentice.

Impressively at age 24, he opened his own shop and recruited his brother, making it a family business. Today, they have over a 6 months waiting list. At such a young age and young career, Jay has undoubtedly become one of the best artists in the UK.

Jay Hutton Tattoo Fixers Tattoo Artist of the Year Host

New Found Fame

Jay Hutton’s first taste at fame came when a tattoo of Mike Tyson was shared on Twitter. Iron Mike himself loved the tattoo. He praised the design and artist, and soon after he met Jay in person.

It wasn’t long after that Jay was cast as one of the members of talented trio on Tattoo Fixers, a UK reality TV show that premiered in 2015. The series shows the three artists turn disaster tattoos into beautiful art!

Jay Hutton Boba Fett Tattoo

Jay said during an interview recently, “I see shocking tattoos on a daily basis, but filming Tattoo Fixers just took it to another level. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. And then when I thought nothing could shock me more, someone else would come in and completely blow me away.”

Jay Hutton Anthony Joshua Tattoo

Tattoo Artist of The Year

In his new reality TV show, Tattoo Artist of the Year, Jay Hutton and internationally renowned artist Rose Hardy, judge the work of artists from all over the UK. The artists compete for the title of Tattoo Artist of the Year. Its first season just came to an end in April 2017, with Luke Sayer being crowned the winner. Our favourite was Simon Cookie Cooke but hey we aren’t the judges.

When asked if he could give any advice to someone looking to get a tattoo soon, Jay says “I always say good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good, so it’s really nice to be able to put them [clients] right and get rid of some of the bad body art that’s out there. Think before you Ink”.

Jay Hutton eye tattoo

Jay Hutton Tattoo Fixers

Jay Hutton Harry Poter tattoo

Jay Hutton clown tattoo

Jay Hutton intimate tattoo

Jay Hutton Tattoo sleeve Tupac

Jay Hutton Tattoo Fixers

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