Super Timor is an artist you really need to get to know if you’re fan of unconventional tattoo art. We speak of art created with a lot of passion and imagination. He’s personally one colorful and controversial character, not just his tattoo designs.

Super Timor started to tattoo just for fun, to see what it was like. He, together with some friends, tested tattooing directly on each other. Eventually, tattooing became his major occupancy, so today he is one busy traveling artist.

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After the success of his first tattoos, he bought his first pro equipment and began to work alone. He continued to tattoo and to develop his skill for a couple of years. Soon he reached to the necessity of a having tattoo machine custom designed for him. Super Timor uses only machines suitable for his hands and tattoo manner.

He was initially invited to Germany by a client wanting a tattoo but began to help out in a freshly opened studio. Super Timor continued the trip around the region tattooing people, as his fame started to grow. Today he is crossing the map between Belgrade, Berlin, and London.

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Super Timor is one of these artists, who’ll tell you your idea is bad and your design sucks. He prefers to ink people, who have a clear idea of what they want and that want to have something unique. If you go to his shop and ask for a rose tattoo, you’ll leave disappointed. He feels comfortable drawing strongly graphic designs, and it’s quite visible in his work.

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Super Timor believes the color in colorful tattoos puts a barrier in front of him. He is positive that colors are stopping him from creating sharp, contrast and eye-catching designs. As a fan of black ink, Super Timor supports the idea that black ink goes deeply into the skin, lasts longer and ages better. According to his practice as a tattooist, color tattoos look like blurred spots after some time.

Super Timor is not an artist following trends. He just inks what he believes is aesthetically beautiful. You can see him jumping from subject to subject, combining styles. Super Timor likes bold graphic vision, whether it’s old school design or signature design. He ofter uses Slavic imagery, simple patterns, and ornamental motives.

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