Super Cute Tattoos – Designs That Will Melt the Coldest

cute tattoos

In the endless world of tattoo designs right next to the skulls and hip pieces you’ll find many super cute tattoos. We swear these will make you smile every time you spot them.

Even the most aggressive looking girls will want to have one adorable flower or animal on their shoulder or wrist. In fact, charming and bright colored designs are something intricate and unusual among all tattoo clichés.

Cute Tattoos
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From super cute tattoos to huge sleeves and body suits

More girls started inking themselves with ice-creams, little charming cakes or candies. Sweet tattoo designs actually suit perfectly any other previous pieces. They can be easily incorporated in sleeves or larger designs.

Cute Large Tattoos
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Super Cute Leg Tattoo
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Now you are probably wondering what exactly a cute tattoo is. Your first thought might be Minnie Mouse. Well yeah, Minnie Mouse is a typical example of a cute tattoo.

Mini Mouse And Mickey Mouse Cute Tattoo
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Many girl adore it. It’s a design with hundreds of variations in different styles. But wait, there are more coming.

Tattoo salad

Many girls decide to get a fruit tattoo. It not only looks fresh and delicious, but can be quite sweet and bizarre. Fruit tattoos are always super colored and come with bright blinks. They are very appropriate for sleeves or larger tattoos. People usually have them on visible places on the body.

Another designs that never get old are heart and ribbon tattoos. You can get them in old school style or in neo traditional style if you want brighter colors.

Get a tattoo zoo

Don’t like hearts? No worries, you can always search for cute animal designs. Starting with kittens, birds, bees, dragonflies, butterflies or hummingbirds. All of them will attract people’s attention while being gentle and feminine.

Sugar skulls can also be “cute”. Although we still speak about skulls, these hip interpretations are done in pink, light blue or yellow. They feature ornamental or floral decoration.

The super tiny tattoos are also on our list. No matter in what style they are done, they can suit every girl and will fit on any place of the body.

Ankle Cute Tattoos
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Puppy Tattoo
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Cute Tattoo
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