Bantik Boy or Valentina is breath taking Russian model. She is internationally famous as one of the most outstanding tattooed models out there. Called the Princess of Instagram, Valentina is not only a model though she is balancing many different activities in her life.

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Bantik Boy is living in Moscow, benefiting from all the possibilities the 13.2 million city is giving her as a tattooed beauty. Bantik is a nickname given to her by her friends, meaning „bow”. Valentina is a crazy girl, who loves extreme and speed sports. Some of them are snowboarding, skating, and surfing. She’s also a fan of fast driving and boating. One of her dreams is to fly in a hot air balloon.

While Bantik Boy is breaking the stereotypes with her fine tattooed body today, she has always been the center of attention. As a girl, she was constantly changing the color of hair. If you’re curious to see her in this light, we’ve found many interesting pics of her.

Valentina is also a vlogger in her free time, uploading her videos on Youtube. Bantik boy is a fan of the street style. As she said in an interview if she hadn’t become a model, she would probably become a fashion designer. However, besides her total success on the modeling scene, Bantik Boy doesn’t consider herself as a standard model. Surely Valentina has some big plans for her future, not necessarily including modeling!

Like all models, Bantik Boy has some bad experience with negative feedback, but she’s always looking forward. She never pays attention to comments or critics. As she says of herself: She’s a big girl and knows how to take care of herself.

We just love people with bold tats and a lot of energy, and we believe you will fall for her too.

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