Alex Binnie is a true pioneer in the UK tattoo scene and one of the first artists to popularize large-scale, non-western tribal design in Europe. He got his first ink somewhere in the 70’s and got heavily tattooed shortly after that. The rest, they say, is history.

With more than 30 years under his belt Alex is a well-renowned artist and professional with a huge portfolio of original designs. His work involves elements of Polynesian, Japanese, Tribal, and Western designs, often crossing boundaries with a fusion of traditional and modern approach. Besides tattooing Binnie was involved with the 80’s Industrial/Power-electronics music scene as a part of the band Pure.

The early years

His early (and unlicensed) work in Mother Earth got a popularity boost in a newsletter by the notorious Genesis P-Orridge. By the time Binnie offered as much tattooing as clients would stand for a mere 10 pounds.

Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoo – Instagram – Alex Binnie

“In the early years I made a lot of tribal tattoos, because it was so different to anything I had seen, but I came to love traditional Japanese work and western “old school” just as much. Although I enjoy revisiting certain themes, compared to some artists these days my style is quite broad.”

He moved to LA in the early 90’s and started working at the Gauntlet and Body Electric Studio in Hollywood. The Gauntlet was managed by Elayne, his wife at the time. A year later Binnie relocated to Seattle and worked with Vyvyn Lazonga, followed by a London comeback in 1993.

Into You

In 1995 he established Into You Tattoo in Clerkenwel, and 10 years later he opened Into You in Brighton with Jason Mosseri.

Skull & Brains Back Piece
Large Scale Back Piece – Instagram – Alex Binnie

Alex Binnie put his tattoo career on hold in 2016 when Into You closed. He reportedly took a break from tattooing to put more energy into his printmaking.

“After 23 years […] I’m currently on a break from active tattoo duties while I ponder my next move. It’s been a long, amazing, but somewhat exhausting ride. I will always love tattooing with a passion, and may one day return.”

We sure hope he does!

Color Ink
Chest Piece
Leg Tattoo
Skull & Rose Tattoo
Traditional Tattoo
Old School Tattoo
Blackwork Tattoo
Large Scale Blackwork
Hand Tattoo
Tribal Tattoo
Color Backpiece
Tribal Tattoo

Full Body Tribal Tattoo
Source – Alex Binnie Official

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