Soccer Players With Amazing Tattoos


Soccer players are pretty much the rock stars of sports! Let’s see who is who in the world of inked soccer celebrities!

Tattooing and sports are not exactly new to each other. We’ve already stopped our eyes on sports-inspired tattoos that fans around are getting to celebrate and commemorate their favourite team, sports or athlete.

Tim Howard sports some incredible black ink; Source: BBC

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and soccer players are among the most famous and filthy-rich athletes in the world. Also, millions of people gaze upon them. So, it’s natural to want to take a look and see what hides beneath these team shirts.

Soccer and tattoos

Since the 90’s (or maybe even earlier), more and more players are getting rather visible tattoos. Many of them also have some remarkable body art to show off on the field or in nightclubs.

Daniel Agger; Source: Football Gala

Seems like today an even faster growing number of players drop their coin on amazing body art in the form of ink. Most of all, some say that exactly soccer players have the most, and often the best tattoos in major sports.

Of course, more isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes probably the most exciting and unique tattoos are the simplest, but outstanding designs that everyone can remember.

Who is Who

Who are some of the hottest and also most recognizable inked soccer celebrities today?

Gregory van der Wiel is from the Netherlands but plays in France for Paris Saint-Germain. He’s one of the most tattooed players, covered up to the neck in outstanding black and white ink.

America is not the first country to think of when it comes to soccer, right? However, Tim Howard is one of the names that definitely deserve a mention. Howard is originally from New Jersey but plays in Europe for Everton F.C. in England. Furthermore, he’s got our attention  because of his 2014 World Cup record (saving 16 shots in one game!), but also because of his amazing set of tattoos.

A Real Legend

We can’t miss a certain legend in this short list of ours, can we? Probably the world’s most iconic tattooed soccer celebrity goes by the name of David Beckham. Well, he’s hung up the boots for good and is not an active athlete anymore, but we have to give him that – Beckham’s the guy who made ink in sports cool!

Here’s another one we can’t skip. Zlatan Ibrahimović is famous for his speed and technique, but he also has more than 50 tattoos.

Trend or Tradition

Tattoos in soccer are certainly a trend that doesn’t get old anytime soon. Some other notable contemporary soccer players that are worth a mention for their tattoos are also Jermaine Jones, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley (his cross tattoo is hard to miss), Martin Škrtel, Nigel de Jong, Kevin Prince-Boateng, Tim Cahill, Daniel Alves, Djibril Cisse… the list goes on.

Gregory van der Wiel

Zlatan Ibrahimović; Source: GQ


Tim Howard


Nigel De Jong


Martin Škrtel; Source: GQ


Djibril Cisse


Daniel Alves


Jermaine Jones


Sergio Ramos

Nigel De Jong; Source: Pinterest
Neymar; Source: GQ