Ideas for Snake Tattoos and Their Meanings

meaning of snake tattoo

Snake tattoos are one of those everlasting tattoo themes. They are suitable for both men and women, and you have plenty of awesome designs to choose from. The snake, besides being a favorite tattoo subject is a symbolic animal in many cultures.

In the long cultural and religious history of humankind, the serpentine had many different symbolisms. To find out whether a snake tattoo will suit you let us tell you more about the meaning of the snake.

Snake Tattoo
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Healing and regeneration

Today the snake is a universal symbol of healing, because of the ancient myth about Asclepius, who was the God Healer. The serpentine is associated with medicine and regeneration. This incredible animal sheds its skin, replacing it with new, reminding of renewal and rebirth. Its poison is sometimes deadly, while in other circumstances can be used as medicine.

Hand Snake Tattoo
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The old symbol of Caduceus includes two snakes, and it’s often used in tattoos. In addition, the two snakes mean dualism, opposites united in one. It can be the moon and the sun or life and death. If you see yourself as a person of opposites, then this tattoo will suit you.

Neck Snake Tattoo
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Again snake’s ability to scrap their old skin relates to transformation. In Pagan mythology, the snake is a sign of rebirth and metamorphosis.

Amazing Snake Tattoo
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In many international myths, serpentines have the role of protectors. Moreover, snakes were the guardians of the underworld. Also, the image of the snake exists in almost every mythology as a final barrier between earth life and paradise.

Leg Snake Tattoo
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A snake eating its own tail, similar to the Ouroboros symbol, speaks of the life-death cycle. Shaped into a circle it shows nothing ever ends exposing the eternal aspect of the Universe. This is really good tattoo idea with a profound meaning.

These are only some of the meanings the serpentine holds. Finally, most important is your personal concept.

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Snake With Flowers Tattoo
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Snake On Barbed Wire Tattoo
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