Seoeon is a female tattoo artists from Seoul making some of the most delicate and amazing minimalist tattoos

We’re so enchanted by her gentle and simple approach to tattooing we’re almost buying tickets to Seoul to get tattooed by her.

To score an appointment with her is actually quite the chore as even when she’s travelling she’s usually fully booked.

Seoeon Tattoo Designs

Size does matter

Seoeon’s tiny tattoos celebrate the purest shapes of nature. Her designs feature subjects like cats, jewels, feathers and even landscapes. Imagine how awesome a landscape looks in thin, straight and simple lines and dots.

Seoeon Minimalist Tattoo

In her precise work Seoeon often bets on sketch-like designs with just a little color. She mainly uses soft, natural colors. Among her usual choices are orange, ochre and green.

Seoeon shape designs

That’s a palette more typical for watercolor works, but actually suits her style quite well. Her pieces look as if they just popped out of her sketchbook.

Seoeon Tattoo Designs Triangle

Seoeon and her world of tiny, beautiful tattoos

More often you’ll see Seoeon sharing her tiny flower tattoos with color, cute animals and sea creatures. As she is an extremely productive and inventive artist even abstract geometric shapes find place in her works. Follow her and you’ll see arrow designs, fine lettering in such small size you’ll hardly believe those tattoos are real.

Seoeon palm tree sunset tattoo

Origami minimalist tattoos

Seoeon is most known for her origami designs. Recently designs like these started gaining huge popularity. Especially girls who don’t want big pieces are going for those.

Seoeon Abstract Tattoos

The Seoeon designs look beautiful left alone on the skin. They certainly don’t need any further details or coloring. These tiny pieces are created to accentuate over a certain part of the human body.

Seoeon Flower Tattoos

If you’re looking for simplicity, clean lines, balanced colors in a positive and joyful tattoo you better stay on this page. Small tattoos also come with deeper and hidden meaning.

Seoeon elephant on backt attoo

Something you might haven’t realized yet is that small tattoos attract more attention. Yes, because you have to actually pay more attention to the piece.

Seoeon Whale Tattoo

We picked some of Seoeon’s best tattoos to make your day a little bit better. They’ll surely inspire you as well.

Minimalist Feminine Tattoos by Seoeon

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Seoeon Question Tattoo

Seoeon diamonds Tattoo Designs

Seoeon Heart Tattoo Designs

Seoeon Fine line tattoo

Seoeon bird tattoo

Minimalist Feminine Stardust Tattoo by Seoeon

Minimalist triangles tattoos by Seoeon

Unicorn wrist tattoo by Seoeon

Matching pyramids tattoos by Seoeon

Handwriting attoos by Seoeon

Wrist tattoo by Seoeon

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