If you feel fascinated by the mysticism of sacred geometry, Dillon Forte is your guy. He’s been tattooing for more than 10 years, and sacred geometry is his passion.

With a decade of experience, Dillon is a well-known name in this artistic niche. Sacred geometry is becoming trendy, but such mystical imagery carries hidden meanings, aside from trends and fashion.

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Dillon Forte got into tattooing in 2006 after he got his first tattoo. He took an apprenticeship and jumped into tattooing. He is currently working in Oklahoma, California in his shop- Sri Yantra Tattoo. Dillon participates in many tattoo conventions if you want to catch him closer to home. Some of them include the London Tattoo Convention and tattoo expos in Hawaii, Chicago, and Portland.

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Bring an art form to the mainstream

Dillon Forte’s portfolio includes incredible designs based on simple geometric figures, but very complicated and full of detail. His work consists of dotwork and blackwork designs. He uses fine lines and repeating patterns to create incredibly rich and intricate tattoos. It is true arts have been neglecting sacred geometry for a long time. But thanks to tattooing and talented artists like Dillon, more and more people are involved with sacred geometry.

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Sacred geometry is based on mathematical laws, harmony, and balance. Its patterns can are anywhere in nature- in the trees, plants, leaves. Its structure is the structure of all living things. What can be more inspiring than that?

In Dillon Forte’s mind-blowing designs you can find many sacred geometry symbols and signs. Some of them are the Flower of life, Metatron’s Cube and Merkaba. The symbolism of these beautiful shapes and patterns has been significant for the people since ancient times.

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For Dillon, nature and its metaphysical side are the inspiration for his work. He also points his attention to Eastern mythology and quantum physics. You will find a lot of mandalas and mandala ornamental variations in his art. The mandala is a beautiful, self-sufficient and powerful structure. It carries the concept of unity, wholeness, and existence.

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Dillon Forte is not only a tattoo artist. He’s been experimenting with artistic techniques his whole life. You can see his paintings, also inspired by sacred geometry symbolism. If you’re still unfamiliar with his tattoo art, you can check out some of his greatest designs we chose for you.

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