Suliée Pepper, is a talented female tattooist from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Her style varies between Realism, Trash Polka, Watercolor and Neo Traditional.

Her career started shortly after enrolling at a local Industrial Design School. When it was time to choose between sitting in an office all day, working for a design studio, or becoming a freelance tattoo artist, guess which one she picked?


Oddly, being a tattooist is still not a recognized profession by law in Brazil. While Sao Paulo is the largest tattoo market in the country, Rio’s market has grown 20% in recent years. Its tattoo scene is a lot stronger and more accepted than before.

Suliée Pepper has earned many awards in her career, including Best Realism Tattoo at the famous Sao Paulo Tattoo Week Convention. Suliée also won Best Black and White Design at the Lisbon Tattoo Convention.

Realism and a Splash of Watercolor - Suliée Pepper 2

So the advantages of traveling overseas and participating at International Conventions? “The access to such a variety and quality of materials and how easy it is to exchange knowledge is huge! There’s always so much to learn from other artists” she says. 

Suliée Pepper Just Wants to Have Fun

Suliée co-owns the La Grand Burlesque Tatouage studio in Copacabana with her friend Barbara Alt. The studio consists solely of female staff! To explain she states, “though our staff are women, we don’t restrict or discriminate at all! Our place is a space where women can feel comfortable and where men can join us in harmony and respect”. 

Every month, Suliée spends an entire day tattooing victims of breast cancer. Suliée says “whether they have removed a breast, or they have scars from surgeries, the goal is to give these women their confidence back. It’s a promise I made”. We have to take our hats off in respect to this amazing way of thought.

Take a look at Suliee’s work below, we are sure you will enjoy.

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