People often refer to rainbow tattoos as girly and sugary. We haven’t many men wearing rainbow color tattoos. It seems we’re all missing the beautiful and complex message which rainbows are actually carrying.

The rainbow is an extraordinary natural phenomenon. People often misunderstand its the significance. Appearing after rain on a sunny day, the rainbow is the optical refraction of light. It’s a result from the change of the direction of the light waves. The so-called white light consists of the 7 colors of the rainbow spectrum.

Symbolic Rainbow Tattoo

Rainbow tattoos and their symbolism

The rainbow has been provoking our imagination for centuries and so it’s loaded with many symbolic meanings. The rainbow is a sign of transformation and change. It has the shape of a bridge and a bridge it is in religious symbolism.

Rainbow Color Tattoos

The rainbow, with its colors visible only in special circumstances, is a symbol of creation and connection.

Rainbow Color Tattoos

The colors of the rainbow tattoos

We associate the colors of the rainbow with the colors of aura in eastern mystical practices. Our bodies have their own colors and depending on our personal and spiritual growth these colors are changing. The rainbow colors also mark the colors of the seven chakras.

Symbolic Rainbow Tattoos

We bet you’ve seen colorful mandalas. They are also linked to the chakras and colors.

Finally, if we speak only about colors every one of them carries a different message. The warm colors speak of passion, creativity and strong emotions.

Rainbow Watercolor Tattoo

Cold colors, such as blue, purple and indigo are the colors of self-consciousness, wisdom and higher cognition.

Rainbow Tattoos

Rainbow Tattoo

The rainbow will look great on your skin

Whatever the rainbow means to you, you can always wear it on your skin. The beautiful meaning of the rainbow is not its sole advantage.

Rainbow Color Tattoos

Rainbow color tattoos are bright, joyful and pleasing to the eye. You can have a watercolor design or something more decorative. The rainbow tattoo will be always trendy thanks to its universal message.

Rainbow Watercolor Tattoo

Rainbow Tattoo

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