In the diverse and colorful world of tattoos, watercolor style is probably the most joyful. Today we bring you the Polish artist Ewa Sroka and her candy sweet tattoos.

Ewa is an artist in every way. She graduated the Academy of Fine Arts is Lodz, Poland. With her artistic background, Ewa creates vivid colored watercolor tattoos. She is currently working in the Rock’n’Roll tattoo studio in Warsaw.

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Ewa is the kind of artist who uses colors as her main means of expression. As you all know you can barely see outlines or black ink in watercolor tattoos. Ewa however, uses black and sketchy lines to complete her designs. Her work has such a light and joyous feeling.

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Along with the sketchy framework, Ewa’s signature approach includes layers of rainbow colored splashes, drips and brush stroke marks. The delicate blend of colors sometimes concentrates around few colors; other times includes full spectrum.

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Ewa is a huge fan of cats, as you can see from her designs. It ‘s hard to define her visual style, but let’s say it is in between new school and illustrative. You can find funny characters, cats, sweet monsters, along with great illustrations. Ewa is also fascinated by animals, and she uses animal motives and illustrations in her designs.

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What we like the most about her tattoos is the fact they can exist alone, as completed paintings. Body art, as every other art is hiding a message. In her case, the message is an expression of colors. A compelling motive in her work is the way she combines images. By blending animal’s illustrations and landscapes or space pictures, Ewa creates new worlds.

She is also a traveling artist. You should definitely start following her, and stay up to date on her travels. To see her even sooner follow her collaborations with other tattoo shops.

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rainbow color tattoo ewa sroka (13)

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