There are some tattoo themes that will never fall out of trend. This is the case with owl tattoos. From the first old school tats to abstract watercolor or detailed dotwork designs, the owl has been a favorite subject for quite a time.

As well as a super popular design, the owl tattoo has deep and thoughtful meaning. Owls are enigmatic night creatures and violent raptors. They have inspired people for ages and great symbolic interpretations float around them.

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If you have booked your next visit to the tattoo studio with the intention of having an owl tattoo, first think what it means to you. Is it the right symbol for your personality? The owl is accosted with many characteristics. It represents wisdom, protection, and intuition. Living alone in nature, the owl is also a symbol of independence and experience.

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The most common conception about the owl is linked to wisdom and knowledge. The owl is considered as one of the cleverest animals, great hunter under the disguise of the night. In Ancient Greece the chosen animal of Athena, the goddess of knowledge. The connection of the animal with wisdom and magic is linked with its ability to see at night.

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Often the owl is seen as a symbol of death. You shouldn’t be frightened of this symbolism, as in many ancient religions the figure of the owl is the passenger, accompanying the dead on their way to the afterlife. It brings positive meaning, as the owl does not bring death, it helps you pass the line safely.

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It is believed the owl is a magic animal. Besides their amazing sight, they can fly and hunt at night without making any noise. The quiet and mysterious nature of this raptor inspired people’s imagination. Again owls’ strong sight give it magical characteristics, as an animal which can see beyond the visible. Owls are thought to be forecasters, predicting future events.

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Even in the rare times seen during the day, the owl is still mysterious and captivating. The owl represented in tattoos can hold rich meaning while being attractive and impressive for the eye.


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