Not So Minimalist Tattoos – Okan Uckun

okan uckun

In the world of tattoos there’s a surprise waiting at every corner. One of these precious moments was when we discovered the tattoos of the Turkish artist Okan Uckun.

Looking for the perfect balance between concept and its minimalist visual representation in ink? Well, Okan Uckun is your guy.

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Okan Uckun is a multi-disciplinary artist

He’s spread his art skills between different art forms. Except for tattooing Okan also has experience in photography, videography, painting and design.

When he’s not doing tattoos, Okan is busy with architecture projects. He started tattooing during his Fine Arts studies. He wanted to experiment with different medias. Okan found the skin as the perfect carrier of his art visions. Each and every people he would tattoo came as a new kind of inspiration.

A style like no other

It’s not possible to describe his unique diverse style with one single word. Okan blends various styles into one homogeneous visual language. You can see linework, dotwork or blackwork elements in his designs. It will be more fair to talk about his themes and subjects instead of his tattoo technique. Only this way we can feel closer to his own view about art.

Okan Uckun creates conceptual art tattoos with a minimalist feel. He personally believes his designs are not minimal at all but simply essential. He mixes geometry, mathematics, sacred symbols and natural objects.

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An abstract take on reality

In Uckun’s work you will find completely abstract designs with only their most basic elements. Those are usually animals, landscapes and other objects from the world surrounding us. What makes his work so memorable is his constructive and deep approach to any subject.

Okan Uckun, with his wide experience in art, gains inspiration from life itself. He gets influenced from his clients, from modern art and from his side projects. Many of his pieces are based on strict mathematical fundamentals. They are as precise as algorithms. He believes the act of tattooing is a kind of installation on a human body.

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Loud and clear

Okan Uckun’s work is clear, thoughtful and doesn’t rely on random designs. He doesn’t leave his art to chance. He recently launched his personal brand #imnotminimal, whose name is quite a statement.

So follow his flawless work online, or follow his blog where he tells the story of every tattoo he makes and talks about his ideas and sources of inspiration. Find him on Instagram as well.

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