Tap Bakunista is an independent tattoo artist, dark art creator and a traveler. He’s on a constant tour, doing guest work in different cities around the world every two weeks.

For the last few years, Belarussian tattoo artist Tap Bakunista is constantly on the road. He’s also doing sessions in various studios across Europe, Russia, America, and Australia.

Tattoo artist Tap Bakunista in his natural habitat

On the road

Tap’s love for traveling and discovering new cities and new people may (or may not) be connected with his background in music, as a vocalist of the band HIERØNIM (ex-HVØSCH). Extreme music and extreme body art are allied, and so is touring. At some point, Bakunista decided to bring his main kick – tattoo art – on the road. Today he keeps working in more than one location. He still comes back home and works in Minsk and St. Petersburg, but for the most part of the year, he’s doing tours.

His current I N S O M N I A ‡ T O U R 1 7 takes him on the road once again. He’s visiting cities like Prague, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Leipzig, Athens, Amsterdam, Porto, and Tenerife.

“I’m traveling across Europe with independent tattoo art. Every second week I meet different countries, people, and studios interested in original dark tattoos.”, he says.

Darker, darkest

His original style incorporates inspirations from blackwork, minimalism and medieval engravings in a certain postmodern way. Considering himself an atheist, Bakunista often plays with religious symbols and motives in his own agnostic way.

His original designs often recall the naivety and rawness of Russian prisoner tattoos. Each meticulous line is added in a dark, sometimes oppressive atmosphere to motifs from a mystical universe. Crude religious imagery and especially the “teeth of Christ” seem to be an ongoing inspiration for Bakunista.

Tattooing as a ritual

Tap never studied art. His artwork odyssey begins with creating record sleeves for underground bands in Russia. He got his first tattoo machine almost 10 years ago. Today, Bakunista is still on his neverending path to dark perfection: doing highly detailed illustrative work, taking lines and details to abundance.

Credits: Bakunista ‡ sᴇcт

He is often working freehand, in a ritualistic manner, without a sketch or a flash. His technique is seen as unusual by many.

If you want to catch Bakunista on his continuous tour over the world or follow his adventures, you can follow him on his dedicated social media channels, where he documents his journey. You may even get lucky and meet him in your city soon…

Photo credits: Bakunista ‡ sᴇcт


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