Neo traditional style is the modern tattooing style. It emerged from old school “Americana” tattoos after more elegance and colors were added into the designs.

This already not so new approach has created its own themes. It also obeyed the classic subjects but added its own twist to them.

Neo Traditional Style Tattoo

The classics are now revived in neo traditional style

Neo traditional style developed not only because of experimenting with classic techniques and design but thanks to also keeping the best of them. The same bold outlines and the reduced shading are still here.

Neo Traditional style back tattoo

This style focuses on highlighting the form with heavy black outline while using more saturated colors. The palette is richer than in old school tattoos. Many people today prefer this style exactly because of its rich colors which also help them last longer on the skin.

Neo Traditional style tattoos

More designs that you can handle

The themes of neo traditional style are varying. They feature standard subjects like eagles, daggers and skulls, tigers and snakes. However, portraits, animals, patterns and jewels are also quite popular. All these come decorated with beautiful details and art-deco elements.

Neo Traditional leg tattoo

Neo traditional artists are re-imagining the classic tattoo art by adopting new and modern themes. This style has a lot in common with illustration and realism. Even though the imagery is still decorative and simple.

Neo Traditional Tattoo

Still a huge thing

Today neo traditional style tattoos are among the most preferred designs. This is especially true for large pieces and full tattoo sleeves. Many celebrities and tattoo models have picked exactly this style to express themselves. The reason why neo traditional is so popular is its adaptive nature. You can easily combine these tattoos with other styles, be that old school, realism and even ornamental designs.

Neo Traditional Tattoo spider scorpion and skull

There are many skilled artists who are working in the field of neo traditionalism. Some prefer portraits and others go for animal or floral pieces. You might find very precise tattoo artists who like fine blending of colors. However, others like their pieces rough, spontaneous, grotesque or even hilarious.

Neo Traditional Tattoo with woman face

Speaking of designs, the neo traditional style rose has become a symbol of modern tattooing. This tattoo is one of the widest spreading pieces right now. Other popular subjects are tigers, cats, gypsy women and of course, mandalas.

Neo Traditional Tattoo

Keep searching for beautiful tattoos and color your life with some great examples of neo traditional tattoos!

Neo Traditional Tattoo

tiger tattoo in Neo Traditional style

Neo Traditional Tattoos full back

owl in Neo Traditional style

Neo Traditional full sleeve tattoo

Neo Traditional Tattoo on arm

Neo Traditional Tattoos

Neo Traditional chest tattoo

Neo Traditional Tattoos all over the body

Neo Traditional Tattoos rose on shoulder tattoo

Neo Traditional Tattoos on calf

Neo Traditional Tattoos cross on back

Neo Traditional snake tattoo

Girl face in Neo Traditional style tattoo

cut monkey in Neo Traditional style

Neo Traditional rose and woman

Amazing female face in Neo Traditional style

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