James Edward Quaintance III is his real name, but Jimmy Q is his day to day name. Jimmy has quite a life story for only 28 years of living. He’s a professional skater, punk rock vocalist, tattooist and finally a model.

Jimmy Q is originally from Venice LA, the town of skaters, tattooed people and punk. No wonder, he combines all these activities in his rush life. James first stood in front of a camera as a model at the early age of 7. However, he became professional some years later, when in 2011 he relocated to London and started a modeling career.

Jimmy Q

Back in Venice Jimmy was pro skater, and a tattooist. He learned to tattoo in his hometown, and again this place led him to beautiful tattoo coverage he has today. Jimmy has his arms fully tattooed, as well as his neck, chest and stomach covered with ink. Jimmy has ink on his head, over the ear and on his hands and fingers. Most of his tattoos are strictly traditional, showcasing typical to Americana style subjects.

Jimmy plays in the punk band Former Lovers, where he’s vocalist while being a fan of blues, country, rockabilly and punk of course. He decided to move to London in 2011, probably because of his relationship with the British model Pippa Holland. They broke up after 4 years but still remain in the memories of many as one of the most beautiful and extravagant couples.

Jimmy is currently a model, blowing heads with his vintage 40’s, 50’s style, wearing tight jeans, leather jackets and fitted retro suits. He reminds of a new born Elvis, a sexy, brutal looking rebel.

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