Jonathan Kroppmann is not a typical model, but he will catch your eye immediately. He has raw, edgy look of a guy coming from a dusty basement. Jonathan is a model and a musician at the same time.

He began his musical adventure in 2004, since then he has been in many bands as a vocalist. However, it seems he was unsatisfied with the fact he had to deal with music written by others. Simply enough he decided to learn to play.  For a couple of years, Jonathan learned to play acoustic guitar all by himself. Unaffected by others, he managed to develop his own, unique sound, quite recognizable.

jonathan kroppmann

Jonathan Kroppmann’s Career

As a model, Jonathan has so many fans and followers because of his passion for music, which gives him this punk style. Jonathan’s tattoos look awkward, a little clumsy, but have such intense energy in the bold outlines, sketched images, and vivid, raw colors.

jonathan kroppmann model (16)

Surely Jonathan is driving the girls crazy and making the guys jealous. Tattoos always attract both critics and admiration. For Jonathan, we have only good thoughts, especially with these heavy, stunning tattoos.


You can see “This Time Imperfect” written on his chest, a lot of skulls and death images on his sleeves, but also many other smaller tattoos, like stars. Jonathan has a couple of angel tattoos, a rose tattoo on his lower stomach and our favorite, the punksters tattoo! On the knuckles of his left hand, Jonathan has the word “Love.” He also has tattoos on his back and text written on his ribs.

jonathan kroppmann model (18)

We hope with his bold tattoos and freaky style he’ll inspire you to get tattooed and live for the moment! Don’t miss his video “Behind the scenes” to see him acting in front of the camera. Share if you like it.

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jonathan kroppmann model (21)

jonathan kroppmann model tattoo (8)

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