Pretty Minimalist Tattoos Behind the Ear

tattoos behind the ear

Minimalist Tattoos can look super cool, with ear tattoos gaining popularity. That’s good news as they look fabulous, feminine and super elegant.

Small, but eye-catching, because of their unusual location, minimalist ear tattoos are as noticeable as all other tattoos.

Minimalist tattoos behind the ear designs

When we say minimalist tattoos we basically mean small, simple tattoos, lacking detail and color. Although some designs listed here are colorful, their appearance is so gentle and light, so they are close to minimalist style.

Minimalist Tattoos Behind the Ear
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Tattoos behind the ear are usually woman’s preference, and there are certain tendencies in behind the ear designs. You can most often see little arrows, stars, tiny hearts, flowers or animals. Cat tattoos behind the ear have become increasingly popular nowadays. Also, you can find paw print tattoos, feather tattoos or even letterings. One of our favorites is the dandelion tattoos, which seem to be created exactly for this place on the body.

Tattoo Behind the Ear
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Pain behind the ear

The area around the earlobes is quite sensitive. Different people don’t react the same to pain; some say this is one of the most painful spots, while others feel almost nothing. However, ears are a sensitive spot according to most people. Be prepared for your tattoo sitting, although it is n’t going to take long for such a small tattoo. Remember, tattoos consisting only outlines will hurt more, than fully covered spots. The needles used for outlines are thinner, sharper and go deeper into your skin.  Pressure is the reason it is more painful. Also, the area behind the ear has thin skin and is close to your skull bones, so again you can experience unpleasant feelings.

Best small Tattoo Behind The Ear
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The aftercare of the tattoo behind the ear is not that different from all other tattoos, but as long as you need to use antibacterial soap, you should try to avoid shampoos and especially rubbing your fresh tattoos. Girls with long hair should try to keep their hair up and away from the tattoo for the first few days.

Tiny Tattoo Behind The Ear
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Butterfly Tattoo
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Minimalist Tattoo Behind The Ear
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