Mary-Leigh Maxwell is one of those redheaded girls, you just couldn’t forget. She’s on our “Most tattooed” list, as Mary is covered with amazing colorful tattoos all over her body.

Mary-Leigh today enjoys a successful modeling career, appearing on the covers of over 20 tattoo magazines. Her flaming hair, along with her blasting tattoos have graced the cover of Inked Magazine, Tattoo Life, Inked Girls and Skin Shots.

Mary-Leigh Maxwell

Surprisingly Mary-Leigh, despite her fame as a model, works as a freelance cosmetologist, hair, and make-up stylist. She went to Arts School, which she disliked and continued her education as a cosmetologist. All of this before she got deep into modeling. Mary-Leigh’s career actually started early, when she was 16 and gradually grows today. Although Mary left the Arts School, she didn’t lose her ability to paint and draw. She still creates realistic animal portraits and skull paintings.

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When she’s not posing for covers, Mary-Leigh collaborates with clothing brands, promoting their products with her unique, memorable look. Some of the brands promoted by her are Sullen, Heroine, and Sourpuss. She also worked for the piercing and aftercare brand H2Ocean.
Something you might not know about her is the fact Mary is vegetarian. She’s famous for her love and compassion to animals. She’s as a super positive person believing everything is possible, as long as you want it bad enough. She faces both bad and good situations with positivity and smile.

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Mary-Leigh Maxwell has so many tattoos it would be a long article to talk about them all. She got her first one at the age of 16, with the surprise how much it hurt. This didn’t keep her away from her tattoo passion though. Mary continued adding more and more ink. She says tattoos have always been her passion, fortunately, she’s lucky enough to make a career from them. Most of Mary’s tattoos are in neo-traditional and traditional style, they also have a good amount of detail. Her fave tattoos are her mother’s portrait and her father’s memorial tattoo.

Keep up the spirit with Mary-Leigh’s gorgeous photos!

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