Where Music and Tattoo Modeling Meet – Laura Lux

Laura Lux Tattoo

If you love dance music the name Laura Lux might ring a bell. Besides a popular Australian DJ who now lives and works in Hollywood, Laura is a tattoo model with growing following.

As we’re writing this she has more than 1.4 million Instagram followers and the support doesn’t come only from music fans.

Laura Lux Tattoo Model
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Laura Lux is shaking the dance floors and the internet

Except for her cool DJ sets, Laura is shaking up the social media with her multi-colored hair and outstanding taste for tattoos. They are also pretty colorful. You can spot pink, light blue, green and yellow colors on her arm.

Laura Lux Swimsuit
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Her pieces are completed with heavy outlines. Her tattoo designs are joyful and cute. Laura’s love for neo traditional and new school pieces is pretty obvious.

Laura Lux Model Tattoo
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Laura’s attractive looks make thousands of fans go crazy about her. She recently gave a number of interviews in response to internet harassment. For years Laura has been struggling with offensive picture messages from male followers.

Laura Lux Tattoo Model in Bed
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Together with her friend Emily Sears, an LA-based Australian model, they stood against this. We’re sure they’re not the only celebrities suffering from cyber abuse and the fact they took action against it is admirable.

Laura Lux Tattoo
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Laura Lux stood against cyber bullying and online sexual harassment

Laura and Emily decided to deal with this problem by forwarding the pictures to these men’s girlfriends thus involving them in the issue. To the media Laura explained she has been dealing with internet harassment for a long time and she’s convinced it’s a widely spread problem.

Laura Lux Hot Tattoo
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Her actions do have the power to save more women from receiving disturbing and unwanted messages from their followers and internet stalkers.

Laura Lux Tattoo
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The music career of Laura

Aside from her social activities, Laura is a quite successful DJ. She’s regularly touring the USA and has her own mix series called Vodcast.

Checkout her “Episode One” on SoundCloud.

Laura Lux keeps blowing our minds with her hot photos. Her cool and fresh tattoo designs are a bit of a fresh air in our dark and grey lives. Her rainbow-colored hair can make any girl go straight to the hairdresser’s. Laura does private photo shoots, and doesn’t bother to show some more of her sexy flesh to the world.

Follow Laura Lux on Instagram and Facebook and if you want to see more then check out her Penthouse photos!!

Laura Lux Tattoo Model
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Laura Lux Tattoo
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Laura Lux Tattoo
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