Insects have the fame of evoking disgust and even fear but insect tattoos will fascinate many tattoo fans with their amazing detail and vivid colours.

These beautiful creatures deserve our appreciation, because they are an integral part of the environment. They are also a crucial element of the food chain, as reptiles, birds and many other animal species hunt use them for food.

Insect Tattoos

Insects are of a huge importance to the ecologic balance on the Earth. They contribute to the formation of the top soil layers, they pollinate blossoms and serve as natural pest controllers.

Insect Tattoo Design

In tattoo art insects are transformed into allegorical tattoo pieces or artistic illustrations. If you’re an insect lover the designs you’re about see will surely impress you. We selected various impressive designs to convince you how beautiful insects actually are.

No matter if we are talking about blackwork tattoos, bright-colored neo-traditional pieces or textural dotwork designs, insect tattoos will truly fascinate you. Let’s explore some of the currently trending insect tattoos.

Moth insect tattoos

Moth Tattoo

Moths are an inspiration for those who strive for positivity and believe in their very own abilities. Moths speak of faith and intuition because of their constant search for light. In tattoos you will most often find the Death’s head Hawkmoth – a species whose body resembles a skull.

Moth Tattoo in front

It is one of the biggest insects known to men and when disturbed it produces a loud squeaking sound. Perhaps that’s why people associate it with evil and supernatural powers.

Grasshopper tattoos

Grasshopper Tattoo

Grasshopper tattoos carry a positive message. They stand for intuition and strong sensitivity. The grasshopper also brings good luck to your home. It will serve as a reminder to stay determined and creative.

Scarab tattoos

The scarab is an ancient and meaningful symbol. It’s a sacred animal and an Egyptian amulet. We still perceive it as a generator of positive energy. It’s also a symbol of life and rebirth.

Scarab Tattoo

The scarab is an artistic motif used in Egyptian art and jewelry.

Scarab Tattoo

Dragonfly tattoos

The dragonfly tattoos are favorite to many women. These animals always look gentle and fragile – especially when tattooed. Dragonflies are creatures of both water and air.

Dragonfly Insect Tattoo

They speak of peace and harmony. Allegorically speaking, dragonflies are connected to higher levels of consciousness.

Spider insect tattoos

Spider Tattoo

Spiders are controversial creatures causing polar reactions. For some people spiders symbolise death and danger. For others they can be a sign of protection, wisdom and ingenuity. We often see spiders in tattoos and they can have hundreds of meanings.

Spider Tattoo

Whether they mean luck, patience or they are weavers of faith, spiders are excellent ideas for an insect tattoos.

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