Deb Mattoso is a spiritual warrior, model, writer, and yogini. She’s also one of our writers at Inked Cartel and for sure worthy of gracing our website. Today she’ll share her vision about life, spirituality, and of course, her tattoos!

Photo by Leo Castro

Gosh, this is hard! I’ve been battling about how to start this article – how to write about me! Self-writing is one of the most difficult tasks ever… then I remembered how easy it is for me to just be me, so, here it is! Me being me; and I’m going to tell you about my my writing gig at Inked Cartel, my spiritual journey, and what my tattoos have to do with it.

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), walking distance from a preserved beach, was quite marvelous and an unforgettable experience. Watching the sunset at Ipanema beach and seeing (feeling rather) everyone applaud it is magical! Have you ever experienced something like that?

My spiritual journey started when I was a young child. My parents had very different views; mom was catholic and dad was a spiritualist (he was a medium). My father was an enlightened being and amazing mentor. He helped me build a strong foundation that would develop my curiosity into spirituality.

Photo by Photographer Mazzei

Spiritual Warrior

It can be said that the world is divided into two groups: those who criticize, and those who create. I’ve always been a creator. Creating through art (photography), creating with my body (yoga and modeling), creating through words (writing and languages) . . . the act of creating serves my highest purpose. When I create, I contribute to my vision of a radically beautiful world, one where differences are cherished and union is conviction.

The journey to this place started with my resolute intention of acknowledgement. Acknowledging my whole self – light and dark. Acknowledging my purpose in the design of the universe, and acknowledging the absolute love guiding my path. With acknowledgement, life flows, and my creativity blossoms.

When we set our intentions passionately into a goal – any goal, the Universe helps us achieve it! Through my journey, I’m learning to unlearn everything that was ever taught to me in order to be free. I’m learning the practice of detachment. I’m learning that the present, is the only time there is.

What about that yoga

Yoga has been part of my journey for the last 7 years. WOW, I had never stopped to think about this. It started when I bought a set of DVDs and started practicing on my own. I was a smoker at the time, and learning yogic breaths, helped me realize I was killing myself slowly through that wicked vice. Yoga healed me!

This transcendental practice has led me into a state of spiritual lightness. I joined a Yoga gym, finally, about three years ago and have committed to improving my practice ever since.

Photo by J. B. Vallon

Let’s Talk about Tattoos

After all of that background, let’s talk about my tattoos! Each single one of them has a meaning that connects back to spirituality. I was 18 when I got my first. Fast forward to 2017 and my collection of body art continues to grow – 23 as of the time of this article.

My tattoos are a reflection of my spiritual growth. Some drawings I thought of for years, while others were a spur of the moment thing. Suliée Pepper and John Garancheski III are some of the souls I’ve had the pleasure of being tattooed by and also, interviewed for Inked Cartel.

Photo by Leo Castro

I love art! All kinds of art: paintings, drawings, collages, anything! I can’t draw – except for stick figures, so I admire this talent in other souls. Each of my tattoos represent something special, including the alien invasion on the inside of my right leg!

One of the pieces I love the most is the dragon fly below my boobs. The dragonfly is my spiritual animal. Its eyes represents the uninhibited vision of the mind and the ability to see beyond the limitations of the human self. It also, in a manner of speaking, symbolizes a man/woman’s rising from materialism to be able to see beyond the mundane into the vastness that is really our Universe, and our own minds.

Another favorite is my newest addition; a beautiful female’s meditative face on the outside of my right leg. Her neck is an opening lotus, and her hair the Universe. It represents the feminine energy and how us, humans, are the conduit between nature (the lotus) and Universe (the hair). I swear if money wasn’t an issue, I’d be a walking canvas.

Photo by Photographer Mazzei

Inked Cartel

Then, there’s writing! When Inked Cartel asked me to write for them, I was so honored and excited! First of all, I got to write (!), and to write about tattoos, which is one of my passions (in case that wasn’t obvious). This gig has allowed me to meet incredibly talented individuals from all over the globe.

My biggest dream in life is to write a book – and soon you’ll be able to buy a copy (shhh, it’s secretly being written). It’ll be a collection of poems, notes, quotes, photographs, all written and shot by me. You’re asking what’s it about yeah? They’re about moments when I surrendered totally to the feeling of love… It is how I felt it in its abundance even when is wasn’t reciprocated. You will love it as much as I already do.

I admit I found writing about myself one difficult task. But, I did it, and I did it well! Check out what I’m up to by following me on Instagram. Peace and Love. Cheers!

P.S.: My editor chose the title! 🙂

Photo by Leo Castro
Photo by Leo Castro
Photo by D.H. Photography
Photo by Mazzei Photographer

Photo by J. B. Vallon

Photo by Leo Castro
Photo by D.H. Photography
Photo J.B. Vallon
Photo by Erica Wilcox Photography
Photo by D.H. Photography

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