It’s not really impossible to fit all the beauty and complexity of the Fibonacci spiral tattoos in one single post. However, we’ll try to briefly explain the eternal beauty its carrying through tattoo designs.

The history of the Fibonacci spiral

Fibonacci was the Italian mathematician, who introduced the Arabic numbers to the Western world. He created complex logarithmic formula, which was based on the principle of the Golden Ratio. A principle, which is trying to explain the logic of nature and its forms. This very special number was found by dividing two parts with a line so the longer part, then divided by the smaller ones is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. We often consider this shape to be the divine proportion.

Golden Ratio Tattoo

Fibonacci created a mathematical formula, in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. The further you get when summing, the closer you get to the Golden Ratio. You can see this by dividing the last two numbers to each other. They will always give the same result. This will be the same number from the Golden Ratio formula.

The secrets of the Golden Spiral

The Fibonacci Spiral also goes by the name of the Golden Spiral. It is a mathematical shape which the mathematicians built following the Golden Ratio principle. It’s drawn inside a rectangle, comprising of squares. The sides of these squares are numbers from the Fibonacci formula. They are forming the perfectly proportioned rectangle. The spiral itself grows by the number phi in every turn it makes.

Fibonacci Spiral Tattoos

The Fibonacci Spiral represents the perfect aesthetic form. We can find it all around us, especially in nature and art. Renaissance artists were heavily using this mathematical phenomenon in paintings, sculpture and architecture. Today the Fibonacci Spiral is the foundation of various tattoo designs. It exists in combination with beautiful geometric shapes and figures.

Fibonacci Spiral Sleeve Tattoo

The mathematics of Fibonacci Spiral tattoos

Fibonacci Spiral tattoos follow the strong rules of logic. Some people believe there’s a hidden meaning about the very nature of the universe. So, let’s see how artists translated it to amazing large scale pieces or small elegant designs.

Amazing Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo

Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo with squares

Amazing Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo on arm and shoulder

Watercolor Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo

Abstract Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo

Golden Ratio Tattoo shell

Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo on leg

Amazing Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo in black and red

Amazing Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo

Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo on chest

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