East Iz is one of the best tattoo artists working in LA. Along with Dr. Woo and Mark Mahoney he is tattooing in the famous LA studio, Shamrock Social Club. Even though the LA tattoo scene features big names, East Iz has the potential to become one.

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East Iz has become famous with his ultra-thin lines. He manages to create such an light design using single needle technique. The single needle technique is a specific way of tattooing. The single needle tattoo can be either hand poked or done with a machine. You should know, that this technique is super precise and every dot or line is extremely delicate.

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East Iz first discovered tattooing 14 years ago, whilst serving in the army in Singapore. He never realized he had a passion for tattooing until he went to his friends studio. East Iz spent quite a lot of time there, then he learned to tattoo. A year later he moved to LA. But LA is a big bite. An artist should be really good to meet the competition. East Iz soon caught up with the trends but kept his signature style.

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Today you can find him on Sunset Boulevard tattooing along with some of the biggest LA artists. He still masters his fine lines. East Iz the master of hand-written letters, so if you plan on having an inspiring quote you should consider visiting LA.

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Among his light designs, you can find nature inspired tattoos of birds, flowers, and fruits. Also don’t forget about his famous palm trees, bees, and simplified landscapes. If you like his style you should probably look forward to our post about single needle tats…coming soon!

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