Ear Tattoos – Fresh, Stunning and Delicate

Ear tattoos might just be the freshest and most exciting trend in the tattoo world.

There are lots and lots of unusual spots to get a tattoo on your body, but still, most of them are covered… see what we did here? It’s not so easy to make a bold statement using minimal ink and real estate.

However, ear tattoos are making waves and are currently one of the hottest tattoo tendencies.

Celebrity Skin

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Of course, ear tattoos are made most visible by some of the hottest celebrities these days. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Cara Delevingne are only a few names that have their ears inked. This may or may not be the reason delicate ear tattoos are getting more and more popular among both women and men. Of course, tattoos on or behind the ears are around for years. As a result, many body modification aficionados have undergone the procedure of beautifying their earlobes.

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Ear Tattoos – Go For It

Tattooed ears can be very distinctive and have thousands of different meanings. Hence, smart placement and well-executed and adapted design can turn a simple ear tattoo into a real centerpiece. Because of the limited space, simple ear tattoos are usually best. A clean line, a small figure or minimalist design work wonders on or around the ear. Tattoos can also be easily combined with piercings and jewelry for maximum impact.


Keep It Simple

Smaller tattoos are always popular, but many people fear to get a tattoo in unusual places. If you fancy an ear tattoo, choose your design wisely and keep it simple. Working on such a small area is hard to even the best artist. Minimalist patterns and tiny designs look stunning. Keeping it simple and going easy on the colours will prevent unwanted changes of your tattoo in the future. All tattoos change over time, and this is especially valid for ear tattoos. Seems like this is a place where the skin is very delicate and is almost always exposed.

Take a look at some of the best ear tattoo designs we’ve chosen amongst thousands of great art pieces. You may just find the right idea or inspiration for your next session!

Floral ear tattoo; Source: Pinterest
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Rose tattoo by Mandy Su; IG @ mandysutattoos
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