Horrifying & Creepy Monster Tattoos

Monsters have been part of human history and art for centuries. The vision of the monster, as a threat, danger and terror have worried people’s minds for a long time and thus monster tattoos appeared.

The image of the terrifying demon hiding in the dark is present in tattoos as well.
We can find pictures of monsters in all manifestation of art. We have demonic creatures in painting, sculpture, graphics, and literature. Just think about Dante’s Inferno and his burning hell. Or Hieronymus Bosch and his paintings filled with monstrous beings. But Dante and Bosch are not the only ones whose imagination is filled with monsters.

Monster tattoos thematically link to horror. Therefore horror tattoos are very similar. However, there is a difference between horror designs and monster tattoos. Typically horror tattoos concentrate around fear and blood, while monster tats focus on the demonic presence.

So what is the reason monsters show up in art and in our imaginations so often? The key to understanding this is our primal fear of the unknown. Since the first men made the first weapons and started hunting, the fear of hidden danger is buried in our minds.
Certain visual or tactile stimuli can unlock our sense of terror. The idea of monsters is the direct projection of our imagination to an unexplainable phenomenon. As you will see the designs we selected for you are far from lovely and calming.

You will probably ask: If I want to escape fear, why should I get a monster tattoo to remind me? Exactly for that reason, to remind you! Monster tattoos are most often an expression of strength and belief in yourself. You know what they say, to overcome fear you have to face it first.

Monster tattoos are visually expressive, and they use mainly black ink. Most of them are amazingly realistic and disturbing. You see a lot of sharp teeth, blind eyes, and bones in the shady images of monster tattoos.
Here we present you three artists who specialize in monstrous designs. Meet Joao Bosco, Vladimir Pride, Sergei Titukh. Their designs are dark, brutal and full of anxiety.

Some monster tattoos examples