Connecting tattoos offer vivid mixtures of styles and approaches. These designs are visually impressive and carry strong messages and meanings as well.

Pieces that connect to each other are among our favorite types of ink work. Not only because they are always unique and accomplished, but because they are mixing blackwork, geometry, symbolic designs and whatnot.

Connecting Tattoos
Thieves of Towers

Styles of connecting tattoos

The variety in this kind of tattoos is linked with the use of many geometric approaches like symmetry or ornamental details. You will find connecting blackwork designs, some of them are bolder while others are more elegant. Connecting pieces can be completely abstract, strictly geometric or hybrid.

Connecting Tattoos on hands


If you think blackwork is too much for you you can switch to connecting linework tattoo designs. They are more feminine, stylish and still super detailed. Under the same description go dotwork designs. They have shading, which makes them darker and more noticeable.

Hands Connecting Tattoos

Whatever style you choose the connecting tattoo will mod your body in the best possible way. These tattoos are appropriate for couples or close friends. You will always have half of the design and only when you’re together it will be whole.

arm andshoulder connecting tattoos

Floral Connecting Tattoos

Best places for connecting tattoos

Connecting tattoos rarely fit well the torso. Tattoo artists usually go for the arms, legs, hands or feet. The limbs are the best places for connecting tattoos. They allow their wearers to keep their parts of the design as one separate yet accomplished piece of tattoo art.

Connecting Tattoo Designs

You can occasionally see connecting tattoos placed on the hips or shoulders. However, you’ll notice the effect isn’t awlays that strong.

Connecting Tattoo Designs on hands

Legs with Connecting Tattoo Designs
Thieves of Tower

Girls with Connecting Tattoo Designs

Artists who are brilliant in connecting pieces

When talking about connecting tattoos, we have to list some of our favorite blackwork and linework artists. They are all super popular and constantly booked. We’re talking about Roxx, an amazing blackwork artist working in 2Spirit Tattoo.

Amazing Connecting Tattoos
Chaim Machlev

Connecting Tattoos

Cirle Connecting Tattoos

Another huge name is Chaim Machlev who’s shaking the tattoo world with his mind-blowing mandalas and abstract geometric designs.

Dilon Forte is one crazy dotwork artist. When you see his symmetrical designs, you’ll stop breathing. Finally, check out Jessica Svartvit and Thieves of Tower. The latter mainly work on large connecting designs.

Wolves Connecting Tattoos

Connecting Tattoo Designs

Feet Connecting Tattoos
Jessica Svartvit
Butterfly Connecting Tattoos
Jessica Svartvit

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