From the Bottom to the Top – Carlos Costa

From the Bottom to the Top - Carlos Costa

Carlos Costa was originally born in Portugal but for quite a long time now his home is the United Kingdom. Today he is one the most famous faces in the fashion and modeling scene.

With his heavily tattooed body and epic beard, Carlos is a professional model. But don’t get misled by his popularity. Life hasn’t been always perfect for Costa.

Today, at the age of 36 Carlos is happily married and living with his wife Jenna and his daughter. He enjoys a wide popularity with over 200 000 Instagram followers.

Aside from modeling, Carlos has developed his own menswear brand. Together with his life partner Jenna he’s running Rouge and Soul.

Carlos Costa and his modeling portfolio

Carlos Costa got involved with modeling quite late as he had tough early years and a personal war to win first. At first he just started uploading and sharing photos of his daily life on social media.

He rapidly gained popularity after he was featured in some of the most famous online groups for bearded men. Since then he has worked with brands like Diesel, Dr. Martins, Franklin & Marshall, Barney & Taylor and Beardbrand.

The story of a struggle, ups and downs but finally happiness

Carlos’ story begаn in 1992 when he and his older brother Miguel went to live alone with their mother after their parents split up. Carlos saw his brother as a role model. He started smoking cigarettes and weed when he was only 12 years old. With time he got more involved into drugs and without noticing it he became an addict. He moved to heavier stuff like ecstasy, LSD and cocaine.

His then partner would deprive Carlos from seeing their daughter. He realized he had clearly hit the bottom when he started abusing heroin and alcohol. It was time to draw the line and choose between life and addiction.

Carlos decided to join a rehab program and got accepted into StreetScene. There were numerous occasions when he wanted to drop out of rehab, but eventually finished it and stepped out sober and clean.

His brother didn’t manage to go through a rehab program and tragically died by an overdose. Carlos has a tattoo of an Archangel killing the Devil to keep the memory of him alive forever.

The well deserved happy end

In present (sober) days, Carlos still remembers the years of misery and believes he’s still an addict. He has overcome his own weakness and today he’s helping others in the fight against addiction. He combines modeling and his other projects with working at StreetScene as a part of their resettlement program.

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