Latest Body Art Beauty Trend – Freckle Tattoos

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Tattoos and beauty trends have a lot in common, freckle tattoos being nothing new to this. Tattoos and beauty are both concentrated on the way you look and how you express yourself. Still, beauty trends are not always about vanity. You should feel comfortable in your skin, so if you want freckles- why not?

Are Freckle Tattoos the latest trend

Tattooing freckles became big news in recent months. It was pretty much the same with eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos. The trend inspired many girls to ink eyebrows and semi-permanent makeup. Today’s trend is the sweet and gentle freckle, which you can easily have on your face right now.

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Freckling is not a permanent makeup procedure- although it’s tattooing with pigments, which go onto your skin, it is not permanent. For those, who get frightened by the word tattoo, you call it microblading. Microblading is the process of creating the tattoo with tiny needles. In microblading different pigments are used, compared to those used in permanent makeup and real tattooing. The pigments color your skin but after some time the colorization will gradually fade.

At first, your freckles might look a bit dark, more contrasting with your skin. But don’t worry, after 2 months they will fade to a natural look. Freckling has its fans, although many people think it’s ugly and looks fake. It’s true you can see some badly done freckle tattoos. This is why you should carefully choose your tattooist and the color of the pigment. You don’t want to have black dots on your nose, if you’re blond girl with pale skin, right?

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The good examples of freckle tattoos look beautiful and natural. There are many people, whose skin gets damaged from the summer sun and freckles appear. For those, who want to keep their freckles all year long this practice is a great option. Give your skin more color with semi-permanent freckles, but first, take a look for some inspiration.

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