Nomi Chi is a popular Canadian tattoo artist with many skills and an amazing imagination. She’s been tattooing for over 10 years and creates stunning freehand designs.

Nomi Chi graduated as an artist with broad creative interests. Besides being a successful tattoo artist, she makes illustrations and 3d visual installations. You can find her tattooing in the Vancouver tattoo studio Gastown Tattoo.

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Sketch Style Tattoos

Nomi Chi’s memorable work cannot be mistaken. She mixes surreal images with free dramatic sketches of animals, along with  Japanese imagery. Her tattoos look more like illustrations in a sketch book. She likes to keep designs alive with vibrant lines and sketchy strokes.

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She uses mainly black ink, but you can find some color tattoos as well. Her preferences are soft faded colors, which she inks using precise pointillism technique. Her works have smooth shading and are very well balanced. She likes to leave things “unfinished” by keeping the primal mark of the sketch. You can literally see how she is building the images with curly strokes and thin linework.

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Nomi Chi’s subjects of art are often dark and bizarre. She manages to deform the pictures and forge new figures, which seem like drawn from a different world. In her illustrations, Nomi Chi is even braver, and her drawing reminds of horror visions.

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In her tattoo art, she often combines human figures or portraits with animal depictions. The forms blend into each other emerging into creepy dreams of ink. Tattoos of foxes, rabbits, ravens and bats appear regularly in her body art. Skulls and mermaids are also common elements, which she implements in her blackwork tattoos.

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There is no need to explain the meaning of her tattoos, as they are a direct projection of her imagination. What we can say is that they appear as allegorical tales. Some may define them weird and scary, while others might say they are pure art. We’ll leave you to decide for yourself, so check out her attractive works.

Amazing tattoos by Nomi Chi

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