Beautiful and Elegant Jewel Tattoos

Jewel Tattoos

jewels tattoos girls

Let us draw you into the depths of precious stones, elegant designs, and some fine jewel tattoos. Tattoos with jewels are not only feminine, detailed and beautiful but also bring hidden meaning. Depending on the color, size, and type of the jewel you chose for your tattoo, you can send a different message.

Jewel Tattoos have many styles

You can find some truly amazing jewel tattoos out there, many artists combine different styles with the colorful imagery of jewels. You will be surprised how natural these tattoos appear, a beautiful finish to the overall look of your tattoo art.

Jewel tattoos play with shade and colour. It can be a fine realistic design with roses or stylized decorative black tattoo with just one colorful accent. They all look stunning and yes, fancy.

jewels tattoos girls

Tattoos with jewels create impressions of luxury incrustations on the skin, with the saturated colors of the gemstone. If you’re unsure just which stone to choose, let us tell you a bit more about gemstones and their meanings.

Emeralds symbolize youth, power, and energy. Emeralds are the gem of Venus, and it also speaks of love and a new beginning.

Before diamonds became the most valued stones, Ruby gemstone were considered the most precious one. Ruby stones were an important part of royal jewellery, sometimes sewn into formal clothes. The Ruby is the stone of passion, strong emotions, and good luck. It was believed the Ruby brings good luck to its wearer.

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The Aquamarine with its calming color is related to the sea, sky, and water. It represents freedom, creativity, and wisdom.

Diamond Jewel tattoos

Diamonds became known as the king of stones in the 20th century. We all know about the 4 C’s – clarity, cut, color and carat, which make them the most wanted stones in the world. What most people don’t know is diamonds speak for a stronger self, inner beauty and purity, this is because the diamond is the purest crystal.

Amethyst is the gemstone of balance. It is used for meditation because it has calming function over the mind. Think of it as healing tool of your body and mind. Not to mention, it looks mysterious with its deep purple color.