Toronto based tattoo artist David Glantz is one of the most recommended tattooists of modern times. His style is unique and reminds us of 19th century illustration.

David and his wife Elyse, who is not a tattooist, opened Archive Tattoo in 2008 and since then he has reached the level of a world-renowned artist.

David Glantz hand tattoos

David learned tattooing in the Toronto tattoo shop, Lucky13, before he decided to go it alone. His fascination with illustration and art comes from his early years when David studied arts in school. David Glantz’s style is a colorful combination of Art Nouveau illustration, traditional Americana style and Japanese tattoos. David uses elements from all these style, adding his personal approach to deliver some mind blowing large scale tattoos for his clients.

David Glantz female face

His designs can be described as half realistic and half decorative. David likes thin and delicate outlines, with curvy edges. However, one of the most essential things about his work is way he uses contrast between outline and colors. He’s so talented at drawing female portraits, they all look so delicate and feminine. Still he also likes to tattoo animals, like tigers, birds, wolfs. On the other hand, you can see him doing geometric and even dotwork designs, depending on the wish of his clients.

David Glantz full arm sleeve

David has an interesting manner of work. His tattoo shop is custom, you cannot just enter and get inked. All his customers first send him his ideas, and he subsequently develops them the way he likes. Ultimately, David is clear about his style and ideas, he’s very precise and leave a strong mark with his tattoos.

It’s well worth checking David and his work out further, you won’t be disappointed.

David Glantz arm sleeve horse


David Glantz sleeve in blue

David Glantz hands tattoo

David Glantz full back tattoo

David Glantz shoulder tattoo art

bear tattoo by David Glantz

tiger tattoo by David Glantz

king cat tattoo by David Glantz

bull tattoo by David Glantz

wounded samurai by David Glantz


bat tattoo by David Glantz

raven on back tattoo by David Glantz

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