Armband Tattoos – Precision Meets Minimalism

Armband Tattoos - Precision Meets Minimalism

Armband tattoos originate from Polynesian and Celtic culture. Polynesian tribes used to tattoo solid ornamental bands on their arms.

Most often they were doing them only in black ink. However, they would sometimes use other colors as well. Nowadays arm band tattoos have a slightly different look. They are simpler and artists often combine them with geometric figures.

Black Armband Tattoo
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There’s a plenty of armband tattoos

Tribal armband tattoos are still popular. By default tribal pieces are very complicated and feature ornaments and various details. They are most often black and placed on the upper part of the arm. Tribal tattoos use many patterns, which are also perfect for arm band designs. They can be repeated to form beautiful tattoos resembling bracelets.

In the past Celtic knots were some of the most loved tattoos. To this day they still have their own charm. Lately they are getting even more precise and complex. You can see them in color or with shading.

Mirror Blackwork Armband Tattoo

Men would usually go for Celtic knots, but this doesn’t really stop girls from getting them as well.

Blackwork arm bands are now at the top

With their solid coated designs and impressive looks, they can be separate or a part of a sleeve or a larger design. Many modern blackwork tattoo artists love arm bands. They have turned them into a new breed of tattoo pieces.

Artists like Ben Volt, Josh Barnes and Hanumatra Lamar are creating unique arm bands.

DotWork armband Tattoo
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Linear and colored arm bands are also popular right now. The linear pieces are very gentle, minimalist and simple. They are great for new tattoo enthusiasts. Even if you decide to cover up your arm band tattoo after a while it can easily become something new. Another recent trend is dotwork arm bands. Ink dots create realistic floral designs, cropped into the shape of a band. Some more creative tattoo artists can transform almost every image you can think of in a beautiful arm band tattoo

floral dotwork armband tattoos

More interesting arm band tattoos

You can have a single arm piece – be that thin or bold. It can be also straight or curvy. You can have more than one band, just play with their size, rhythm and symmetry. Ornamental or lace arm bands are also very beautiful and elegant.

Try it in color or fill the full length of your arm with bands – just go crazy with it! We’ve selected quite a few great designs and ideas, which will surely inspire you.

wrist armband tattoo
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 Armband Tattoo
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Armband Tattoo
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