5 Styles For Eye Tattoos

eye horus tattoos

Eyes are a tattoo element you will see in many designs. Tattoo art has many ways to depict something meaningful to you and eyes are no exception.

People say you can see the soul through the eye. You can tell whether people are lying or whether they are honest with you. Eyes reflect our feelings, emotions, and state of mind. They are the doorway to our personal world. But except being expressive and dramatic, eyes in tattoos can mean a lot more.

See these five interpretations of eye tattoos and what they mean…

The Illuminati eye tattoo

The Illuminati eye, or also The Eye of God and The Eye of Providence is a traditional symbol of the Freemasons. Today many critics and conspirators speculate about its meaning, claiming that it represents the secret elitist group of people, who rule over the planet.

The central concept of the Eye of Providence concentrates on the idea of God watching over us. In Christian traditions, The Eye of God represented the Holy Trinity.

Iluminati eye tattoo

The eye of Horus tattoo

The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol, it was widely depicted in Egyptian art. Horus was a powerful deity, the God of the sun. In the Egyptian myth, Horus lost his eye in a battle with Thoth. Since then the eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and good luck. Ancient Egyptians had the belief that the eye of Horus had healing powers. It is also a mark of the six senses.

eye of horus tattoo

 The third eye tattoo

The third eye in Eastern religions is your dominant energy center. When one manages to unblock it, he will have the ability to see beyond the visible. Yoga and meditative practices focus on the third eye, which is the sixth chakra. According to yoga teachers, everyone can unlock their third eye and reach higher sensibility and intuition. The third eye is a symbol of personal, spiritual and mental growth.

Animal eye tattoo

In case you prefer animal eyes in tattoos, you should know more about spirit animals and totems. Every animal has different characteristics and carries different meanings to the wearer. Most popular are tattoos with eyes of cats and snakes. The cat is the animal of calmness, relaxation and adventure. The snake refers to change, spiritual supervision and metamorphosis.

animal eye tattoo

Human eye tattoos

Finally, if you want a tattoo of a human eye you can charge it with whatever is important to you. It can speak for love, devotion or loss. Or it can be a sign of intuition or self-awareness. You choose your style, here are some good examples to inspire you.