15 Amazing Stick and Poke Tattoos

best stick and poke tattoos

Hand poked tattoos or stick and poke tattoos are not something new but are gaining popularity with high speed. Actually, the first tattoos were exactly hand poked. Let us tell you more about hand poke art of tattooing, which are today a reimagined old tradition.

stick poke tattoo

Stick and poke tattoos are simply tattoos done by hand using special stick ending with a needle. Unlike tattoo machines they require more time to complete the process. Most people believe hand poke tattoos are extremely painful and reject the idea immediately. But the truth is stick and poke tattoos hurt less.

hand poked tattoo

The reason why hand poke tattoos are less painful is because the intensity and speed of inking are lower. Tattoo machine needles often go deeper into the skin, and the vibrations can cause unpleasant feelings. This is not the case with hand poked tattoos. Generally speaking, stick and poke tattoos have a shorter life. They can fade easier than professional machine tattoos. If you’re in the consideration faze, then hand poked tattoo may be appropriate for you, as it may not last forever.

traditional tattoo

Stick and poke tattoos are an ancient method of tattooing, but don’t think modern designs are old dated. Most of the contemporary tattoos done by hand are innovative and quite interesting. Hand poke technique is excellent for dot designs because they have a beautiful grain effect. Because the ink goes into your skin dot by dot tattooists can create very precise body drawings. Artists can play with small and big dots to make the tattoo’s shading richer to halftones.

linework hand poke tattoos

Hand poke tattoos can have lines and fully covered spaces as well as machine tattoos. They do consume more time, but the result is no less impressive. Most of these tattoos are black but don’t think hand poke tattoos can’t use color as well. Some of the best examples, which we’re about to show you include colors.

Stick and poke technique is best for small tattoos or completely linework tats. Because they don’t require special machines and equipment, hand poke tattoos are usually less expensive. Don’t hesitate to get your own, but first see these remarkable examples of hand poke tattoos.

Hand poked tattoos examples

Hand poke tattoos example 1
Hand poke tattoos example 2
Hand poke tattoos example 3