The array of designs in the tattoo world is literally endless. Endless interesting subjects of tattoo art appear online, almost everything you can imagine. Tattoo ideas don’t end with red roses and scary skulls.

You can imagine how creative people can be when it’s up to alcohol tattoos. You can find extremely realistic tattoos of beer bottles, cans, and splashing foam.

cocktail tattoo

Whiskey bottles, and especially Jack Daniels is a constant in tattoos. The black and white label is a classic, always looks good and it will remain in the journals of tattooing. Tattoos with whiskey show the attention to detail and of course appreciation to the moonshine. If you think only men ink themselves with drink tattoos, think again. We’ve found some precious, colorful and super tasty girl tattoos of cocktails. We shouldn’t miss tattoos of shakers and shots, favorite accessories for the perfect evening and original tattoo.

cocktail tattoo2

Drink Tattoos

To be honest, we prefer more unconventional drink-related tattoos, like those we chose for you. Pure and fine lines, or bold contrasting shapes. The good thing about drink tattoos is the fact you can combine them with anything. Try a landscape, flowers, why not letters? You can build a whole story around a single drink.

So what’s your tipple?

whiskey tattoo2

whiskey tattoo

whiskey tattoo3

bottle tattoo

blackout tattoos of drinks2

blackout tattoos of drinks

.beer tattoo2

beer tattoo3

beer tattoo

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